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Exactly what Scandinavia can teach us regarding the intercourse stereotypes

Exactly what Scandinavia can teach us regarding the intercourse stereotypes

From inside the Stockholm’s Nicolaigarden pre-college or university, the newest teachers do not realize Snow-white while the Seven Dwarfs for the students. Instead, its library keeps kid’s courses that show different varieties of heroes and you will a range out-of family patterns (also people with single moms and dads, adoptive pupils, and you will exact same-intercourse mothers).

What Scandinavia can teach us on sex stereotypes

Headings is An additional Giraffe, from the one or two giraffes handling a deserted crocodile eggs, and Kivi and Monsterdog, whose protagonist, Kivi, try a kid out-of unspecified sex. The idea is to try to expose a more diverse and you can practical photo of the world babies live-in also to end representations you to definitely replicate intercourse stereotypes.

They present a beneficial stark examine to classics from children’s literature, for example Snow-white and Eight Dwarfs, that has has just are categorized as analysis with the means they depicts females and you can, in order to a lowered extent, guys. The brand new heroine was naive (she’s ripped off by the this lady stepmother double) and you may not having personality (she has to-be advised how to handle it rather than so you’re able to create by dwarfs), as evil stepmother are obsessed with beauty.

Prince Charming, capturing inside within very last minute to keep their upcoming girlfriend, is just attracted to their physical appearance. This might be obvious since the she is thought to be deceased whenever he very first sees their.

At Nicolaigarden, instructors do not just stop stories like that out-of Snow white. Brand new pre-university is the most five that will be rethinking the whole pedagogical method to be sure equivalence anywhere between genders.