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The lady name are Anacaona 1 Which means that “golden flower” on the Taino language –“caona”definition silver

The lady name are Anacaona 1 Which means that “golden flower” on the Taino language –“caona”definition silver

Poet Queen away from Haiti

It’s (thankfully) today common knowledge you to Christopher Columbus along with his geographically-confronted staff had been murderous slavers, raping and you will pillaging its way along side Caribbean. But while understanding its horrifying “achievements”could be simple instruction at this time, it’s far rarer knowing one thing towards someone they massacred. The reports are so absolutely nothing taught this will get shock you to discover that, when Columbus went to the newest Taino people in what is today Haiti, he had been met by the a woman. She’d been near to someone else in order to discuss. She would come a beneficial negotiator near to the woman sister on 1496 appointment having Columbus’s team, and you will try expose on very first meeting inside 1492, even though it is not sure how much negotiation she did up coming. .

Anacaona was about once the higher-group as it got towards the Taino. Hitched to one of five finest caciques (Taino chiefs) and you will sis to a different, she is probably one of the most respected people in brand new culture. Famous for the woman poetry, music, and you may areitos (antique dances) 2 Nothing of them endure well so you can current day – in regards to the only 1 solidly credited so you can the girl goes similar to this:

The interpretation is, regrettably, unfamiliar. , she was not just an artist, but also a dental historian, framing this new narrative passed down so you’re able to future generations. And also as anyone who has got look at this website for chronilogical age of go out knows: records was strength.