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How Do You Bring Up the Discussion With Your Partner?

How Do You Bring Up the Discussion With Your Partner?

  • You Have an Immediate Spark

This one feels obvious, but it’s easy to forget. Did you have a spark of attraction when you first met? Even if your first forays into sex were a bit awkward, you should have some chemistry from the beginning.

  • You Have Similar Sexual Expectations

People have sex for all kinds of reasons. Some people might have sex to fulfill their needs or release themselves. Others might prioritize intimacy and connect with their partner. Some people don’t care much about sex, while others think it’s the most critical part of their relationship.

Expectations are important, too. Some people like to be silly and playful in the bedroom, while others like it was intense and severe. While some might enjoy a more stable or vanilla sex life, others love exploring new things and playing out new fantasies.

If you and your partner aren’t on the same page about expectations, it can be a lot harder to work things out in the long run.

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